What clients say 

"Ursula is a timeless, shamanic healer. She conducts herself with peacefulness and serenity, and her generosity knows no bounds. She is patient, she is powerful, she is gentle, and every session with her makes me feel reborn and repurposed. Ursula radiates joy and light, and with an abundance of talent, I can always look forward to learning something from her. "

/// Maggie Rubin, Actor, Writer, Director

"Being around Ursula and her exquisite talent is like being in a magical universe. Through her shamanic healing sessions, yoga and meditation instruction she's helped me, and everyone I've introduced her to enter new dimensions of ourselves in a very beautiful and natural way."

/// Vendela Palmgren, Singer, Songwriter

"Ursula's spiritual guidance has been enlightening and because of it I have seen a transformation in myself that I feel will last a lifetime. I look forward to every session that I have with her because each time it's a new experience. I find Her to be very intuitive, engaged and insightful."

/// Keely King, Artist

"Yoga at it's BEST!! Ursula is Smart, Fun, Inspirational & Talented!! She'll kick your ass and have you standing on your head in no time!!!!!"

/// David Meister, Designer, Yogi, Dog Enthusiast

"Everything about Ursula is beautiful. She looks like Nastassja Kinski and has the kindest most calming nature. Its very unusual to meet someone like this in Los Angeles. Ursula noticed I was having trouble with my dog Dexter and offered to help. She looked at him for a few minutes and said, " he needs a job". She suggested tossing a ball while hiking with him so he would stay busy and not chase joggers. And it Works! She could see that he was a good dog who was behaving badly because he needed more to do. If you need a dog whisperer she's the real deal!"

///Beverly Wildasin, Dexter's Mom

"When we met Ursula our dog, Frankie was walking like a three legged dog. We had just found out from our vet that she had severe chronic arthritis. During our first reiki session with Ursula, she knew this and more without me telling her. Whenever we are in Ursula's presence we feel calm and loved. She's not only incredibly generous with her gift of healing, but she has also helped us find the right food and supplements. Our dog Frankie is doing so much better and was jumping around like a puppy after her first healing from Ursula!"
///Morgan Mead, Frankies's Mom

"It is nothing short of a blessing to work with Ursula. She possesses a rare and special gift, and creates a deeply personal and unique healing experience in every session."

///Jessie Kimmell, Co-Founder at Solstice Canyon